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My Writing Check

My Writing Check

Independent Editing Services

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Angela Trusty

I help you find the perfect words so your message can impact readers in just the way you want. Respecting all of your words, I do my best to suggest edits that seek to preserve your original voice. I have focused on working with self-publishing authors of both fiction and non-fiction.

Editorial Services

Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive editing should happen after at least one round of self-editing has been done. This is a deep and complete edit of your manuscript. It addresses flow, structure, clarity, word choice, consistency, dialogue, etc.


Proofreading should happen after all other editing of your manuscript is completed. Very few suggestions for content changes will be made. A proofread is a final check for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and typos.

Rates are generally $.01 to $.05 per word,

depending on the project.


“Angela has the eye for grammar and punctuation that everyone needs on their writing! She did a proof read of my manuscript and caught those pesky mistakes I wouldn’t have seen myself. But any editor can do that. What I appreciate most about Angela is that she interacted with me on a personal level, giving feedback above and beyond what she was asked to do. She strives to be professional in every area of her editing but also cares about her clients. That’s what sets her apart!”

Corella Roberts, author of Colliding with the Call: When Following God Takes You to the Wilderness

“Angela edited my first book. She is a true professional who helped me clean up my grammar, sentence flow, and overall organization. I appreciate her skills and services. I highly recommend her editing services and will work with her in the future.”

Damara Simmons, author of Self-Motivated Kids

How it works

  • Use the contact form to tell me about your manuscript.
  • After we talk via email, you will submit a sample of your manuscript; and I will edit it at no charge, so you can be sure my editing style suits you before moving on.
  • Once we agree on an editing schedule, I will expect half of the total fee to be paid before editing begins on your manuscript.
  • I will notify you upon completion and return your fully edited manuscript upon receipt of payment of the balance due.

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