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Student Paper Critiques

Angela Trusty

I’ve been a homeschool mom for 23 years. I have four kids who have all graduated, a daughter-in-law, and two grandkids. An avid writer and editor, I’m always looking for ways to improve a piece of writing to make it clear and powerful. I also love helping other homeschool moms! I’ve been married to my husband, Jeff, for 32 years, and my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, especially when it includes good writing, good reading, good conversation, and grandkids!

What I do

  • I start by giving praise for what your child has done well.
  • I tell him what was interesting or what caught my attention and made me more curious about his topic.
  • I let him see how his writing has an effect on a reader, and not just a teacher.
  • I highlight areas of concern and make thoughtful, thorough suggestions for improvement, always telling him the reasons, so he can implement what he has learned in future writing.

Why I do it

As a long-time homeschool mom, I know how important it is to have a partner in evaluating your child’s writing.

Sometimes you aren’t sure where he needs to improve, or you lack confidence in your ability to help.

Sometimes it’s hard to give constructive criticism to your child without worrying about his feelings, or even about your relationship.

Once in a while, you simply want an outside opinion. Or your child wants one.

I can help.

As a freelance editor, I treat your child just as I would any other author.

I give respectful, encouraging feedback on your child’s compositions without stifling his writing voice.

Let’s work together on your child’s next composition!


$0.03 per word with a minimum of $30.00 for each composition.

Price includes one email after I return the paper to you, so you and your child can ask any questions you might have about my comments.

How it works

  • After you contact me using the form below, and we agree on a schedule, you’ll send your child’s composition to be critiqued.
  • I’ll send a PayPal invoice after I receive the composition and check the word count.
  • After I receive payment, I’ll get started on the critique and send it back to you as soon as it’s finished.

Use the form below for scheduling or questions.

Please do not use this form to submit compositions.

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